"I felt so violated" says mum who was photographed while breastfeeding in a park

Video report by correspondent Mel Barham

A woman who saw a man taking photographs of her while she was breastfeeding her daughter in a park in Greater Manchester is campaigning to make such behaviour illegal.

Julia Cooper, 32, was breastfeeding with other mums at Sale Water Park when she noticed a man staring. He then picked up a digital camera, attached a zoom lens, and starting taking photographs.

Julia Cooper Credit: ITV News

Julia says she asked the man to delete the photos. He refused saying it was was his right as they were in a public place. And police told her there was nothing they could do.

Upskirting is now illegal but the law doesn't cover taking photographs of the upper body. And that's what the "Stop the Breast Pest" campaign, which has support from a Manchester MP, wants to change.

Credit: ITV News