Granada Introducing:  Liverpool metal band Loathe

Video report from Elaine Willcox

In a first for our Granada Introducing series, meet Loathe a five piece metal band with a difference from Liverpool.

They have already caught the attention of one of their heroes Chino Moreno,  lead vocalist with Deftones, who has praised their latest release Two-Way Mirror, which came out just before the start of lockdown.

It's been named the 68th best song in the metal hammer charts of the 21st century, which is one of their growing accolades. 

Loathe's music is a mix of melodic tones and jarring rage. They describe themselves as a metal band with theatrical influences. 

Loathe chatting to Elaine Willcox in Sefton Park, where a pilot gig was held to pave the way for live music Credit: ITV Granada

Lead Vocalist Kadeem France admits when he performs tracks like New Faces in the Dark he can get lost in the energy in the audience and he can forget to protect this voice, which he's learning to manage on tour.

The band were riding high with a new album, 'I Let It In And It Took Everything' and a headline tour when the pandemic struck.

But they've described lockdown as both a blessing and curse, giving the band time to rest and refocus.

Following on from playing in China and Japan they are now setting their sights on a transatlantic tour.

Pilot gig at Liverpool's Sefton Park Credit: ITV Granada

We chatted in Sefton Park in Liverpool where the first pilot gig was held at the beginning of May which has given them hope that live music will be back again.

They have pencilled in dates for a new tour and have this message for their fans.

For 2021 they want to keep creating new and different music, which you can't find anywhere else right now.

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