New Brighton RNLI volunteers awarded after rescuing two stranded teenagers

The two teenagers were cut off by the tide near Fort Perch Rock. Credit: RNLI New Brighton

Volunteers from the New Brighton RNLI crew have been awarded a framed letter of appreciation after they rescued two teenagers cut off by the tide near Fort Perch Rock.

Mark Harding, Emily Craven, Thomas McGinn and Michael Jones all received the letter for their collective teamwork during the rescue.

Mike Stannard was also awarded a letter of thanks signed by the Chairman of the RNLI after he volunteered to enter the water to help both casualties swim to safety in difficult conditions.


New Brighton RNLI volunteers were called at 3.02pm on July 28 to assist two teenagers cut off by the tide on a groyne near Fort Perch Rock. 

The sea and wind conditions were rough which was also causing a flooding tide. 

Mike Stannard volunteered himself as the person to enter the water and swim both casualties from the groyne to the safety of the lifeboat.

The crew arrived on the scene at 3:15pm bringing the lifeboat within 10 metres of the casualties.

Mike than swam to the teenagers and had to jump with her back into the water when there was a break in the sea conditions to swim to the lifeboat.

He than swam back for the second teenager and carried them safely to the lifeboat.

The crew then has to perform a 'net recovery' which involves driving the boat into the tractor tailer on the back of a wave.

Once ashore, the teenagers were handed to the ambulance teams unharmed.