Unseen footage of the devastation caused by the IRA bomb in Manchester 25 years on

Video report by Tim Scott

Previously unseen footage of the devastation caused by the IRA bomb blast in Manchester has emerged.

It is 25 years since two IRA members planted the biggest bomb on the UK mainland since World War Two targeting shoppers on a sunny Saturday before Fathers Day on the 15 June 1996.

The explosion ripped the heart out of the city centre but despite extensive damage, and a remarkable evacuation, no-one was killed. 200 people were injured and some were left traumatised by the attack.

It was a sunny Saturday before Fathers Day and the Arndale Centre was packed with shoppers. Football fans were also in town for the next day's Russia v Germany fixture at nearby Old Trafford.

Previously unseen footage reveals the scale of the devastation captured by a builder

Just before 10:00 BST, Gary Hall, a security guard at ITV's Granada studios received a phone call from a man with a "very calm" Irish voice. The man said he had planted a bomb that would explode an hour later.

Shortly afterwards, police began evacuating about 80,000 people from the city centre, while attempts were made to find the bomb.

Buildings reduced to rubble in the aftermath of the IRA bomb in Manchester

Amid the panic, a police officer spotted the white lorry and noticed wires running from the dashboard.

Bomb disposal officers, attempted planned to defuse the explosive with a remote-controlled robot.

The attempt failed and, at 11:17 BST, the 3,300lb device exploded. Smoke mushroomed high above the city while buildings shook and glass shattered, raining debris on people outside the cordoned area.

It's estimated the cost of the damage was £700 million and kick started the city's regeneration Credit: GMFRS

The irony is, the blast is now often credited as kick-starting the city's regeneration.

More than two hundred people were injured by thanks to the remarkable evacuation no-one was killed Credit: GMFRS

Plans to regenerate Manchester had already been in place - a tram network had been reintroduced earlier in the 1990s and the city had already won the bid to host the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

No-one has ever been charged over the blast although Greater Manchester Police have always insisted the case remains open.

The IRA broke its ceasefire to launch a series of bomb attacks, targeting Manchester Credit: PA

A symbol of the city's effort to get back on its feet was the fact that it still managed to stage the Euro 96 match on the day after the attack.

Detective Chief Superintendent Dominic Scally, Head of Counter Terrorism Policing North West, said:

"The 1996 Manchester Bomb, claimed by the IRA, caused massive devastation to the City of Manchester. It injured over 250 people with many more left traumatised and is estimated to have caused over £700 million worth of damage. The bomb contained in a lorry and parked on Corporation Street was so large, the City Centre architecture physically changed forever.

"We said at the 20th anniversary that previous reviews have taken place and that the case remained open. Indeed since the 20th anniversary, we have further reviewed the available evidence and looked at any new forensic lines of enquiry. This has provided some new, albeit limited, investigative opportunities and whilst it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at the moment, we remain absolutely committed to seeking prosecution if sufficient evidence becomes available.

"Despite the passage of time, I know the anniversary will bring back painful memories for all those affected by the devastating events of that day, and our thoughts remain with you at this time. We have recently been in touch with two of the groups supporting those injured and affected by the attack and if anybody would like to get in touch with these organisations their details can be found below.

 "I want to be clear that if there is sufficient evidence found in this or any other review, this will be provided to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if charges are appropriate. This is despite the passage of time."