Woman turns mother's diaries from living through Second World War in Salford into book

  • Lucy Meacock chats to Fiona Heakin about her book.

A woman who found her mother's diaries about living through the Second World War in Salford has turned them into a book.

Fiona Heakin got more than she bargained for after a rummage around in the attic during lockdown. She discovered her mother's diaries, which charted the ups and downs of living through WW2.

Fiona described the contents of the diaries as like a "rom-com", as her mother wrote about things like going to dances and the opera.

Fiona's mother

Fiona says she was moved to tears while reading the diaries, particularly when reading the first diary written in 1938.

She says her mother wrote about her own mother dying and simply wrote: "Ma died, goodbye Ma."

But despite the hardship and depravation of war, Fiona says there is a lot of joy found it the diaries and some of the entries amuse her.

Fiona has compiled the entries and images into a book and posted it to family all over the world.

She said: "I posted it to them and in a way, my mum visited them. I've just done it for my mum really."