Manchester Arena Attack: A timeline of events

On 22 May 2017 suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a bomb in the foyer of Manchester Arena. Twenty two people were killed and hundreds more were injured.

Many of the victims were just teenagers and children who had gone to see singer, Ariana Grande in concert.

CCTV footage shows Salman Abedi in and around Victoria Metrolink station before taking the lift to the Manchester Arena concourse. He appears to adjust the wiring under his padded jacket before exiting and killing 22 people.

The public inquiry into the bombing has been hearing the timeline of events as they unfolded before, during and after the attack.

Some 14,200 fans start to arrive at Manchester Arena ready for the concert. A number of the tickets were Christmas or birthday presents.

Abedi arrives at Victoria Metrolink Station carrying the rucksack on his back. From there he goes to the public toilets, where he remains in a cubicle for 10 minutes.

Abedi leaves the toilets at 8:48pm

Abedi leaves the toilets just before British Transport Police PCSO's conduct a security sweep, missing him by 59 seconds.

CCTV images showed to the inquiry of PCSOs conducting a routine check of the toilets less than a minute after Abedi had left

After leaving the toilet, Abedi takes the lift to the footbridge that leads to the concourse and goes to the City Room, the foyer for the Arena.

He stays there out of sight for 19 minutes before retracing his steps to the Metrolink platform where he sits for a further 16 minutes.

A BTP officer and PCSO return to patrol, after going to get kebabs. The break lasted just over two hours. They missed Abedi walking from Victoria towards the City Room by minutes. 

He will remain here until people begin to stream out of the concert.

Minutes later the security staff member alerted another colleague who attempts to radio control, but says the line was busy.

19 seconds before the bomb was detonated

This is the final image released before the 22-year-old carried out the terror attack.

Salman Abedi, detonates his rucksack bomb, murdering 22 bystanders and injuring many others.

The Emergency Response

Manchester Arena bombing emergency response

At 10:39pm a major incident was declared for BTP reporting 60 plus casualties.

The paramedic is later joined by two others - they are the only three paramedics to enter the City Room all night.

One minute later the first armed police arrive and road closures commence. By 10:49pm there were 12 ambulances at the scene.

Fire crews at Manchester Arena

Three fire engines arrive. They had been told to wait at Philips Park Fire Station, around three miles from the arena.

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