Manchester Arena Inquiry: Who were the 22 victims?

22 people died and hundreds were left injured and traumatised after suicide-bomber Salman Abedi detonated a device following an Ariana Grande concert at 10.31pm on 22 May.

The victims were aged between eight and 51.

Saffie-Rose Roussos

8, Leyland, Lancashire

Saffie was described as being an energetic little girl who loved gymnastics, dancing and being around people.

Her father, Andrew, said that she was a "free spirit" who had so much charisma and confidence, whilst her mother, Lisa, said that she had a "magnetic personality" that drew people towards her.

Nell Jones

14, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

Nell was described as being a kind and thoughtful person who enjoyed dancing, musical theatre and someone who would "protect her friends to the hilt".

Nell's brother Sam said: "As a family, we miss her so much. She lit up our days with her youthful energy and her passion for life. Every day was an adventure for Nell and we were all carried along with her."

Sorrell Leckowski

14, Leeds

She had gone to the concert with her sister Sophie, and her mother, Samantha, and Nana, Pauline, were both seriously injured in the attack when they came to pick up the two girls.

Pauline said of her daughter: "Sorrell was a very happy, positive and caring girl. She would light up the room as she entered, singing and dancing. She was incredibly healthy and had a long, fun-filled life ahead of her."

Eilidh MacLeod

14, Barra, off the coast of Scotland

Eilidh was a keen musician and played the bagpipes - in 2020 a bagpipe tune was composed in her memory to help support a charity set up in her name.

Eilidh's mother Marion said that there was "no doubt in her mind" that whatever Eilidh had put her mind to in the future she would have been good at.

Megan Hurley

15, Halewood, Liverpool

Megan had been given tickets to the concert as a Christmas present and attended with her older brother Bradley, who was injured in the explosion.

She was described by her parents, Michael and Joanne as someone with a kind, caring and friendly nature, who loved animals, running and photography.

Megan's parents said: "She had a lust for life and loved to have fun. So many beautiful and blossoming relationships were cut short, so many milestones will be missed and so many questions are still unanswered."

Olivia Campbell-Hardy

15, Bury, Greater Manchester

Olivia - known as Ollie - had dreamed of becoming a singer on the West End and "had so much to give".

Her mum, Charlotte Hodgson, said: "Ollie didn't walk into a room, she made an entrance. The door would fling open, she would stand at the doorway and she would shout 'Bonjour!'.

Chloe Rutherford

17, South Shields

Chloe and Liam had been a couple for almost three years when they were killed and their parents said they had "wanted to be together forever".

Chloe's parents said she loved to sing and performed in stage shows growing up, including in a performance of Annie at the Newcastle Theatre Royal.

Mark Rutherford, Chloe's dad, said: "There was so much living still to be done, so much life and so much love to share, all the stories still to tell and all the dreams to be dreamt, they had so many plans and holidays to have."

Liam Curry

19, South Shields

Chloe and Liam had been a couple for almost three years when they were killed and their parents said they had "wanted to be together forever".

Liam was described by his mum as being "quiet and reserved" and an excellent sportsman who loved his cricket.

Liam's dad, Andrew, passed away with lymphoma blood cancer just eight weeks before the bombing. Liam's mother Caroline Curry said: "Chloe was at Liam's side to support him. She was there to hold and comfort him.

"Liam was assuming a new responsibility. He was the man of the house. He showed great dignity and courage.

"Only eight weeks after the loss of his dad, evil ripped out our family's hearts and stole my baby boy.

Georgina Callander

18, Tarleton, Lancashire

She was described as being "extremely caring with a loving soul" who loved music, the marvel comic series, going to concerts and travelling to London with her mum to watch West End shows.

Her mother Lesley Callander, said: "She was so gentle and loving. She lived life in a way that again I cannot find the words to describe her enthusiasm to live every day so positively and to the full."

Courtney Boyle

19, Gateshead

She was picking up her sister from the Ariana Grande concert with her mum's partner Phillip Tron, who was also killed in the explosion.

Courtney's mam, Deborah Hutchinson said: "She had become a gorgeous woman with a caring nature to match."

John Atkinson

28, Radcliffe, Greater Manchester

John was the "heart and soul" of his family loved his job working with young adults with autism and behavioural difficulties

John's parents said: "He was the centre of our world. We miss him so much, his laugh, his humour, his personality, his love for his family ... we will miss everything about him.

Martyn Hett

29, Stockport, Greater Manchester

A self-confessed Coronation Street super-fan and was a "Deirdre Barlow enthusiast".

His mother, Figen Murray said: "Martyn had so much charisma about him, but also a vulnerability and fragility, that he wouldn’t show very often but it was definitely there."

His father Paul Hett added: "Martyn's personality was fun with a wicked sense of humour. Martyn lit up everyone around him."

Philip Tron

32, Gateshead

Philip was at the arena with his partner's daughter, Courtney Boyle - they were waiting to pick up Courtney's sister Nicole when they were both killed in the explosion.

He was described as someone with a huge personality, who had a "huge heart" and a "good sense of humour".

Phil's sister Vicky said: "He had a huge bright smile that reminds me of my own, this makes me sad as I am caught in a moment of loss when I am having a moment of happiness. He was a very protective and proud brother."

Kelly Brewster

32, Sheffield

Kelly had a passion for music and travelling and had a "larger than life personality" despite only being 5ft tall.

She met her partner and "soul mate" Ian Winslow in 2014, who had his own daughter from a previous relationship - and the pair were planning their own family together.

Her family said she had grown into an intelligent, funny, opinionated woman who knew what she wanted.

Elaine McIver

43, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Elaine was a Cheshire Police officer but was off-duty when she was killed in the bombing.

Elaine's sister Lynda said her sister "embraced life" and was "gusto and gung-ho" and would hate to be remembered as a victim.

Her husband Paul Price said: "Elaine was an extraordinary person and everyone who knew her would say the same. She just had a way with people, you felt like you could open up to her and tell her anything."

Angelika and Marcin Klis

39 and 42, York

Angelika and Marcin, who were from Poland but had lived in York since 2007, were waiting in the foyer of the Manchester Arena to pick up their daughters when they were killed.

Angelika worked as a customer services assistant for Tesco while Marcin worked as a taxi driver in York.

The couple's daughters Alex and Patricia said: "Mum and Dad were amazing parents, great friends, and kind people, they did everything in their power to ensure we had everything we wanted and more."

Alison Howe

45, Royton, Oldham

Alison was at the arena with her friend Lisa Lees to collect their daughters - they were both killed in the bombing.

Alison was described as a talented musician who "adored" her family, she was working as a nurse when she died.

Steve Howe, Alison's husband, said: "If anyone could of think of a person who needs a bigger tribute it would be Alison - I'm just finding it really difficult to put into words."

Lisa Lees

43, Oldham, Greater Manchester

Lisa was waiting for her daughter in the foyer of the arena after the Ariana Grande concert with her friend Alison Howe, they were both killed in the attack.

Lisa trained as a beauty therapist and ran a business giving holistic massages to terminally ill children, she later taught beauty therapy at Oldham College.

She was described as being "caring and beautiful, inside and out" by her husband and her mum said that she could "light up a room when she walked in".

Michelle Kiss

45, Whalley, Lancashire

She was killed while waiting to pick up her daughter from the Ariana Grande concert.

Michelle was described as being someone with a "beautiful smile that made her face light up" and as a devoted mother who "loved her children beyond measure".

Michelle's husband, Tony, said: "I will always try to ensure that our children seize the opportunities that life offers just like their mother did. Michelle Kiss. Just saying her name breaks my heart because I know so many beautiful moments from our futures have been taken away from us all."

Wendy Fawell

50, Otley, West Yorkshire

She was described as being the "life and soul of the party" who loved to have people around her.

Her husband and children said: "She had so much to live for and she gave so much of herself, she was the one who could be relied on."

Jane Tweddle

51, Blackpool

She was described as being "familiar, friendly and full of life" and her three daughters said that she was "made for her job" and was always there to listen to the problems of the children.

Her daughters said: "Your outlook on life was so inspiring, anyone lucky enough to spend even five minutes in your presence was forever changed, always for the better."