Flat owners in Salford handed £100K bill to remove cladding

Video report by Ralph Blunsom

Flat owners living in blocks covered in unsafe cladding are being handed sky high bills to make the building safe and in some cases the cost exceeds the entire value of their homes. 

Matthew Harris is a flat owner in Manchester. He has told Granada Reports he faces a £IOOK bill and is stuck in no man's land - unable to pay and unable to sell his flat.

Mr Harris said: ''I'm exhausted. I've not slept properly since we've had the news. I'm constantly trying to find ways to make the situation better, trying to learn more about the situation - it's become almost like a second job.''

Residents facing huge cladding bills Credit: ITV Granada

It is not just the financial impact - it is also affecting residents' mental health.

In a survey by UK Cladding Action Group, ninety per cent of leaseholders said their mental health has deteriorated as a direct result and a fifth have had thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

The Ministry for Housing says: