Manchester woman furious after cancelling holiday due to Scotland travel ban

Video of Shelley Peacock forced to cancel a trip to Scotland

A receptionist at Manchester United says she's heartbroken after cancelling her 2 week holiday in Scotland after a travel ban.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has banned people from Greater Manchester travelling there, due to rates of the Delta variant of coronavirus.

Shelley Peacock and her husband planned to visit to Stirling Castle and Orkney during the holiday, which was supposed to be a 50th birthday treat for her.

Stirling Castle Credit: Visit Scotland

A member of English Heritage and The National Trust, Shelley was looking forward to visiting historical sites and monuments.

To make matters worse, she'd already cancelled it once before because of lockdown last year.

Shelley is disappointed there had been no warning beforehand.

Talks on the issue between Nicola Sturgeon and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham appear to have ended badly.

Andy Burnham has accused the First Minister of leaking the details of what he'd assumed were confidential discussions.

And hearing of Shelley's plight, Andy Burnham said today he'll keep up pressure on the Scottish government to reverse what he called the "disproportionate" ban.

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