Bolton's Fabrice Muamba reveals moving message he sent to Christian Eriksen

Fabrice Muamba shares his personal support for Christian Eriksen Credit: MEN

Fabrice Muamba has reached out to Christian Eriksen to let him know that he is happy to talk to him about their shared experience when the time is right.The former Bolton midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest in an FA cup quarter-final at Tottenham in 2012. It took medics 76 minutes to get his heartbeat back.

Christian Eriksen stetchered off the pitch Credit: PA

He watched in horror as Eriksen collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest during the Denmark V Finland Euro 2020 match.

"I'll share my experience with him. It's been a heavy two weeks for him. You want to give him space. When the time comes round I'm sure we'll be able to sit down and have a conversation."

Christian Eriksen's shares thumbs up message to well wishers and supporters

"The most important thing is how well Christian Eriksen has responded and the recovery that he has made so far has been remarkable.”Fabrice praised the work of the medical staff treating Eriksen and said it was vital the right equipment was available to deliver CPR.

"I think the most important thing we can take out of it, is how quickly the medical staff got to him, how good it was that his captain managed to do CPR before everyone become involved. There’s so many good lessons to take out of it."

"The kids in school from primary school to secondary school, should learn how to do CPR and if they find their friend in difficult circumstances, they’ll be able to save them.”Fabrice spoke about the importance of having regular heart checks during his visit to Venturi Cardiology, the North-west's first independent healthy heart clinic, which opened in Warrington.Heart disease can affect anyone at any age. Fabrice was 22 and Christian is 28 when he collapsed on the pitch.

Fabrice Muamba and Gemma Atkinson during a visit of the Venturi Cardiology facilities Credit: MEN

He was joined by Hollyoaks actress and Hits Radio presenter GemmaAtkinson, who raises awareness of heart health after losing her father, who suffered a heart attack aged 52.

He hopes that facilities like Venturi Cardiology will enable more people in the local community to come forward for regular heart checks in the future.

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