Surge testing is set to begin in Warrington

Surge testing is set to begin in Warrington this weekend as Covid cases continue to rise in the town. 

Teams of testers will be making door-to-door visits from Friday, asking anyone aged 11 and over to do a PCR test. 

They'll be concentrating on areas where uptake of the vaccine is low.

Warrington currently has rising coronavirus case numbers. The door-to-door activity, will help to identify cases and monitor how the virus is spreading, which officials say will keep neighbourhoods and communities safer.

Despite the high vaccine take-up in Warrington, there are pockets where vaccine uptake is slightly lower. This, alongside the fact that receiving the vaccine cannot completely guarantee no ill health if the virus is spread, means that people in Warrington can still become ill if they catch coronavirus.

The surge testing programme will also offer residents the chance to ask any questions about the vaccine.