Swan for Salford as birds chosen to represent Greater Manchester's boroughs

Two Mute Swans in Salford's docks
Mute Swans in Salford Credit: James Walsh

The Mute Swan has been voted by residents of Salford as the bird to represent the borough. A survey was carried out across Greater Manchester to choose a bird for each of the region's ten boroughs. The swan received the support of 79% of Salfordians who took part in the survey, which was organised by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Other choices included the Willow Tit in Wigan, the Kingfisher in Bolton, the Lapwing in Trafford and the Rose-ringed Parakeet in Manchester.

The Greater Manchester Birding City Region Project is asking each borough council to adopt an official bird, to increase environmental awareness and to be used in marketing and tourism promotion.

The idea for each borough to adopt a bird comes from the United States where each state has its own bird as a symbol of its environmental heritage. James Walsh says there are many reasons for Greater Manchester's boroughs to adopt their own birds - to connect people with nature, to encourage people to care for the environment, to increase civic pride and stimulate an interest in the ecology on our doorstep.

The concept of a bird for the borough has been discussed by Salford councillors and the city's mayor Paul Dennett, and the GMBCR Project hopes it will be the first to offically adopt its bird, the mute swan.

Greater Manchester borough's chosen birds

Wigan - Willow Tit

Oldham - Tawny Owl

Rochdale - Peregrine Falcon

Salford - Mute Swan

Bolton - Kingfisher

Trafford - Lapwing

Little Egrets Credit: James Walsh

Bury - Little Egret

Stockport - Mandarin Duck

Red Grouse Credit: James Walsh

Tameside - Red Grouse

Rose-ringed Parakeets Credit: James Walsh

Manchester - Rose-ringed Parakeet