Rowing siblings Tom and Emily Ford bid to bring Olympic glory home to Holmes Chapel

Video Report by @chrishallitv

They've been pulling in the same direction since they were kids.

Now, after landing matching seats in Britain's eights, Tom and Emily Ford hope to follow each other on to the Olympic podium.

The rowing heroes of Holmes Chapel, whose two older brothers are also successful rowers, formed their competitive edge at the family home.

"All 4 of us kids were very competitive, with ourselves and everyone else," says Emily.

Tom recalls taking further inspiration from Olympic champion Matt Langridge. The Northwich oarsman has a complete set of gold, silver and bronze medals, which he brought home to inspire the next generation of rowers.

Among the wide-eyed school kids, were Emily and Tom.

"He'd come down to our school and give us talks about his Olympic experiences. He was a big inspiration," says Tom.

It's a stage they've never performed on before. But they're not alone. Of Team GB's 45 rowers, 37 are making their Olympic debuts. They will be targeting medals but just reaching this stage is a moment for the family album.

"I'm very proud of Tom," says Emily.

"I don't think he'll mind me saying this but he was quite a chubby little boy until the age of about 16. Then he stopped having cream cakes for breakfast. But seriously, he's had to really fight for what he's earned and I'm very proud of him."