Liverpool parents get unsuspected bonus from home schooling, they say they feel smarter

aerial of deprived liverpool

Homeschooling during the pandemic has provided a surprise bonus result for Liverpool parents, according to a new survey, 82% of the people who took part feel more intelligent now, compared to a year ago.

The survey done by 1,020 UK parents, from One4allGift Cards, has revealed a positive outcome from an otherwise difficult year for many parents juggling work, home and home schooling.

Lots of parents in Liverpool 34% feel better equipped now to help their child with their schoolwork as they have a greater understanding of it, while more than 1 in 4 people have been educated on subjects that they had long forgotten about.

Many parents have taken up new hobbies as a result of homes schooling and 32% feel they have become a better parent due to home schooling their child.