The charity helping rebuild lives and providing a safe haven for people with mental health issues

A charity in Warrington, that has been helping to rebuild lives has been hailed a safe haven for those with mental health issues.

The new supported living service The Academy is being run by the charity Making Space.

Experts agree that for people struggling with their mental health, safe and secure housing is essential. Without it, they're more likely to end up staying in hospital or homeless.

One of the charity's aims is to relieve bed space on acute psychiatric wards and help those leaving hospital rebuild their lives.

Diane's struggled with her mental health for a long time. She's been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and sectioned twice.

In January she moved into The Academy.

Many of the tenants have just left hospital and are transitioning back into the community. 

Diane has Bipolar Disorder and has been helped by the charity to rebuild her life.

The care team offers tenants flexible and tailored support - anything from a daily wellbeing check to several hours of care and support a day.

Diane says the place feels like home and the staff are like friends.

Michael was sectioned earlier this year

Michael is 26 and has a history of mental health issues. He was sectioned in February after trying to take his own life.

He has been living at The Academy since leaving hospital but has just found his own flat.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to concerns about a worsening of mental health across the country, with services stretched to capacity.

Neale Moss is a senior support worker at The Academy. He believes having a safe space and good quality housing is crucial for the recovery process.

As well as moving into his own place, Michael's now studying for a degree in computer science. 

For the first time in a long time, he says he is looking forward to the future.