Jordan Banks: Nine-year-old's injuries from lightning strike were unsurvivable, coroner rules

Jordan Banks, 9, died after he was struck by lightning at a football coaching session in May 2021. Credit: Family photo

A nine-year-old from Blackpool died as result of a cardiac arrest after being "struck by lightning" while taking part in a football coaching session, a coroner has ruled.

Jordan Banks was killed on playing fields in Blackpool on 11 May, Coroner Alan Wilson confirmed at an inquest on Wednesday 21 July.

Mr Wilson said it was clear that Jordan's injuries were 'unsurvivable.' He said: "Jordan had injuries consistent with being struck by lightning and no outstanding medical conditions

"He died when he suffered a cardiac arrest due to one lightning strike."

An inquest at Blackpool Town Hall heard the weather had changed in the last ten minutes of the one-to-one training class.

Mr Wilson said: "This was an extremely rare occurrence. Although the weather had changed, it had changed very quickly and there appears to be no obvious reason why Jordan was struck by lightning."

Football coach Daniel Stenton, who was taking the session with Jordan, said in a witness statement they had decided to finish the training session when thunder started.

He said: "All of a sudden I felt something. I can't begin to explain it but it made me put my hands on my head."

Emma Gleeson was waiting to take her son to a training session when she saw a flash of lightning hit Jordan, the court heard.

In a statement, Ms Gleeson, who rang an ambulance, said she saw Jordan fall to the floor and Mr Begg run to him.

She said: "Daniel (Begg) clearly was thinking the same thing I was thinking and was saying: 'He's gone, he's gone'."

Victoria Grimes was at the inquest which has just concluded.

Jordan Banks' family did not attend court to hear the details of the inquest but they have released a statement.

His step father, Daniel Begg, described being with Jordan at the time of the football coaching session.

He said that he saw Jordan struck by the lightning bolt, describing how he fell to the ground before he rushed to him. He said he desperately tried to revive him with CPR.

The nine-year-old was taken by ambulance to Blackpool Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly before 6pm. Medics say it was not possible to restart his heart.

The coroner finished his remarks by praising the family of Jordan for donating his organs in order to help the lives of other children.