The Manchester steeplechase runner gearing up for her first Olympic games

Manchester athlete Aimee Pratt faces her biggest race yet as she gears up to take part in her first ever Olympic games.

The 3000m steeplechase runner was inspired after a school visit by Commonwealth champion Diane Modahl and was then introduced to Diane's running coach and husband Vicente who took her under his wing.

A decade later and one promise that Vicente made to Aimee has come true:

Earlier this year Aimee ran the qualifying standard in Spain, and then cemented her place in the squad shortly after at the Manchester Regional Arena.

The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation has played a huge part in Aimee's success supporting her with funding to access the sport at a professional level, something that the foundation was set up to do.

Vicente is not able to go to Japan however due to covid protocols and must coach Aimee from home via the internet.

Aimee's first race is heat 1 on August 1st.