Charity Mustard Tree praises housing association Forhousing for helping them through the pandemic

A charity in Greater Manchester has praised the housing association ForHousing for their support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mustard Tree, which supports people with access to low-cost food, clothing, and furniture, saw the number of people turning to them for support rocket from 500 a month to more than 1,000 a week because of the pandemic.After hearing the charity was struggling with the increased demand, ForHousing stepped in with £70,000 of funding to ensure that as many Salford residents as possible could be supported.

The landlord has also significantly reducing rent payments on the buildings it leases to the charity in Eccles and Little Hulton.

One of the people that Mustard Tree and Forhousing has given a helping hand is Leia Partington, who lives in Little Hulton.

The organisations have been helping her for the last couple of years after she endured terrible heartbreak when her son died in a car accident.

While Forhousing helped Leia find somewhere to live, Mustard Tree also helped her with furniture and life skills such as teaching her how to manage her money. Mustard Tree also runs volunteer programs to help people gain new skills, from working in a professional kitchen to collecting and delivering furniture items.

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