'Someone may well have done this deliberately': warning after wildlife deaths in 'polluted' lake

Credit: RSCPA

A warning has been issued after a number of birds and fish were found dead at a lake on the outskirts of Liverpool.

The RSPCA were called to Kins Business Park in Prescot on Friday 23rd July after reports of a fish on the surface of the water.

With no obvious sign of how they died, the animal welfare charity has said the water is likely to have been polluted. They have urged people to avoid going into the lake.

Inspector Caren Goodman-James said: “When we arrived at the scene there was a nasty smell of dead and decaying fish and birds.

"We found a high number of fish belly-up on the surface with no obvious cause of death, as well as a number of dead ducks and cygnets seen floating in the water. It was very sad.”

Credit: RSPCA

Officers say swans and herons have left the lake and everything left on the water is now dying. 

Caren said: “We removed the bodies of two ducks who had recently died from the edge of the lake and rescued one disorientated and lethargic goose who is now receiving care at RSPCA Stapeley Wildlife Centre. However, there are lots of ducks, coots and gulls still at the scene and we fear they may fall ill. 

“We could clearly see some sort of pollutant on the water’s surface but couldn’t tell what it is and how it’s impacting the wildlife.

“The APHA vet we spoke to doesn’t think it’s avian bird flu, botulism or issues due to oxygen levels in the water but that it’s more likely a man-made pollutant that has been added to the water. It’s really worrying to think someone may well have done this deliberately."

The Environment Agency has been made aware of the situation and have asked anyone with information to contact their incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.