Ecotherapy - nature on prescription?

  • Video report by Anna Youssef

How does walking through a forest make you feel? Peaceful? Reflective?

For many people, lockdown brought a new appreciation of nature and what it means for our well-being.

Now a project in Lancashire is harnessing the healing power of nature to help people struggling with poor mental health

Many of those taking part in the Myplace ecotherapy project at Brockholes Nature Reserve in Preston have been referred by their GP.

Mary says the ecotherapy sessions have helped her depression

People like Mary, who struggled with depression after her husband died. She enjoys the conservation work and has made some good friends.

What is Ecotherapy?

  • Ecotherapy or green therapy is a therapeutic treatment that involves doing outdoor activities in nature.

  • It's usually led by trained professionals.

  • The aim is to improve physical and mental well-being

Jake's 24 and recovering from stress-induced psychosis. It's not been easy but he says coming to Myplace helps.

The Myplace ecotherapy project is delivered by Lancashire Wildlife Trust in partnership with  Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust.

Jenny Reddell, Myplace Senior Project Officer
Kevin O'Hara, Lancashire and South Cumbria Foundation Trust, Partnership Development Manager