Confronting hate: How art is spreading a message of tolerance in Liverpool

A campaign to spread the message that hate crime is unacceptable is being launched in Liverpool, on the day the city region would usually celebrate its Pride Festival.

Emotive slogans inspired by placards at a protest last month - which took place after a spate of homophobic attacks in the city - will be replicated on digital billboards across the city and will form part of a social media campaign across the weekend. 

  • Watch as hundreds gathered in June to protest against homophobic and transphobic attacks in Liverpool.

Art draws on anti-hate message Credit: LCR Pride Foundation

Artist Sophie Green has created the works which will be displayed on digital billboards across the city centre.

Sophie said she hopes people will see and share the messages that are displayed. There is a hashtag #visibleandsafe so people can share through social media and a website which people can share, or get more information and support.

The campaign has been launched by the City Council working with the Liverpool City Region Pride Foundation and Liverpool's Homotopia Festival - which is the UK's longest running LGBTQIA+ arts and culture festival. 

It will continue throughout the year with a public art trail. The council says it has also committed to working with the hospitality, leisure and transport sector to ensure that there is training on how to prevent hate crime and ensuring the city is a safe place for everyone.

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