Mystery as £4.2m, 91-tonne recycling plant 'disappears' in Greater Manchester

The missing recycling plant Credit: MEN Media

The owners of a multi-million pound 91-tonne recycling plant have been left baffled after it vanished from the storage facility where it was being kept.

Waste Technologies UK has launched an appeal in an attempt to recover the high-tech equipment which went missing from a site in Wigan.

The firm called in Greater Manchester Police, who have now launched an investigation.

It is thought the machinery could have been stolen up to two years ago and the owners said they had made several requests to verify the condition of the equipment, as well as for photographs to be sent over the last 12 months - but the requests were never met.

The technology is estimated to be worth about £4.2 million, and its owners say it will result in 'significant financial losses' to the firm if it is not recovered.

It is used to convert waste plastic into usable fuel products such as liquid petroleum gas and diesel, was moved to the facility in early 2019.

When it was originally transferred to the North West from Scotland it would have taken 11 trucks to move it.

It was only earlier this month that the firm learned the technology had disappeared, although they are not sure when.

  • Anyone with information can call Greater Manchester Police on 101 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.