Tokyo 2020: Oldham's Matt Walls celebrates two medals in one week as he storms Olympic velodrome

Great Britain’s Matt Walls has won his second medal in Tokyo marking an impressive debut to the Olympics.

The 23-year-old from Oldham had already claimed gold in the men's Omnium, but joined housemate Ethan Hayter to clinch silver in the gruelling Madison.

Young and old set their alarm clocks early to cheer on the pair in Walls' hometown - with Matt's parents Larry and Lorraine besides themselves with joy at the outcome.

Larry said: "It was absolutely marvellous! We came here Thursday [for the omnium race] thinking that's the pinnacle, and then we got them all again today.

"It was looking a bit dodgy in the middle of the race but then they came back and absolutely smashed it!

"A silver medal, a top quality field - we are absolutely buzzing!"

The pair finished behind world champions Lasse Norman Hansen and Michael Morkov, who claimed gold for Denmark, in the 200-lap race at the Izu Velodrome.

What is the Madison?

The 50km-long race is made up of 200 laps and is scored on a points basis.

Sprints take place every 10th lap, with points given for first, second, third and fourth. The final sprint is worth double points.

Points can also be given by lapping the rest of the field, or taken away if you are lapped by the rest of the competitors.

Teams are made up of two - usually one endurance cyclist and one sprinter.

At any one time, only one cyclist is 'active', the other 'inactive' teammate cycles at a slower pace elsewhere on the track. The pair will swap at various points by tagging one another.

There is no limit on the number of times they swap.

Larry and Lorraine were joined by crowds of friends, family, and even former teachers. For them, this success was about working in tandem.

Lorraine said: "Matt and Ethan are housemates, teammates, they are friends and they know each other inside and out. What we know is they will give it their all until the end, but it was a tough race, tough competition.

"In the middle we thought they might be struggling a little bit, but they came back and they came back and nailed it. A silver medal, we are absolutely over the moon."

The celebrations over Matt's achievements in Tokyo are already well under way in Oldham.

But with the other competitions just around the corner, Matt himself may have to wait until at least the middle of October to crack open the champagne.

Matt Walls and Ethan Hayter have won the silver medal for Team GB in the men's Madison at the Tokyo Olympics. Credit: PA Images