Families of Afghan citizens plead for action as Taliban seize control

"They will kill my father" - Jilani Barack fears for his family's safety.

A man from Manchester has made an emotional plea to the government to save his family who are currently living in the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Dozens of demonstrators have gathered at Parliament Square, in London, to protest over how the UK Government has handled supporting Afghan citizens.

Jilani Barack worked with British Forces as an electrical engineer, and fears for his family's safety.

He told ITV Granada Reports that he is so worried about Taliban retributions for his father that he has not eaten for a week.

Members of the Afghan community stage a protest in Parliament Square. Credit: PA

Mr Barack is protesting alongside former translators for the British Army, who held banners and signs up in front of Parliament as MPs were recalled to the House of Commons.

He said: "They will search for my father. They will kill my father - I know this. I don't believe the Taliban.

"They have [given] an interview to the media, but it is not true, this is not their real face, I know their real face.

"They are killing our civilians, they are killing our soldiers. In the period of this one week, I didn't eat."

Signs they held included images of people gravely injured in Afghanistan, with the caption "Protect our loved ones".

Jilani wants the British government to let his family come to the UK because he says they are 'not safe' living in Afghanistan.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attended the protest, as did his brother Piers, although the pair appeared at different points.

Jeremy Corbyn, an Independent MP, tweeted: "Joined @STWuk and other campaigners outside Parliament this morning to demand support for Afghan refugees and no more disastrous wars."

The government say some 20,000 Afghans are to be welcomed into the UK over the coming years as part of a scheme to provide sanctuary for those most at risk of persecution by the Taliban.