Meet the family who've been juggling Blackpool Tower Circus for THREE decades

Video report by ITV reporter Sarah Rogers

The Endresz family tell me they have "sawdust in the blood." Clown duo Mr Boo and Mooky join me before beginning the first of three shows today, and they've been doing this for decades.

This year, they're celebrating 30 years in charge of delighting thousands of tourists flocking to the Blackpool Tower Circus for some traditional, family entertainment.

"Nine generations (of circus performers) on my mum's side, seven on my dad's," says a proud Bubu (Mr Boo). He and his brother Laci Jnr (Mooky) write and perform in the show along with international acts they'e scouted from across the globe.

The brothers write and perform in the show.

"We were born into it," says Laci Jnr in his costume and full make up. But keeping the crowds entertained is hard work. "The acts practice for hours and hours every day," he says.

Even during lockdown, the brothers, who live next door to one another were juggling over their garden fences and practicing new routines - to the surprise delight of their neighbours. "I don't think they knew what we did for a living until then," Laci Jnr says.

Their father, Laci Endresz a high flying trapeze artist came to Blackpool from Hungary some 50 years ago. He told me he recently found some old family photos of his family packing up the circus into wooden carts drawn by horses.

He's taken a step back from performing but says he keeps his son's in line and tells then what he does and doesn't like.

Laci Endresz

So after all that why did he carry on? Well he said the act made him popular with the ladies and as a teenager, "who wouldn't enjoy that?"

And the best thing about being in the circus? Laci Jnr says it's seeing such diversity in the audience, the ability to look out and see a one year old baby and a 91 year old grandmother all having fun.

And it looks like the family legacy is secured for a further few decades with Mr Boo expecting a baby. Unable to resist a joke he says, "I'm about 6 or 7 months," whilst patting his belly. I asked what act the newborn might be right for and probably got the answer I deserved...