Fed up with fly tippers, how a Liverpool teenager is using his summer holidays to clean up community

He's the Liverpool teenager who's been spending his summer holidays cleaning up after everyone else.

Khan Odita was so fed up of a patch of ground near his home in Toxteth being used for fly-tipping, that he decided to do something about it.

Whilst making a film about the clean up, 14-year-old Khan decided he wanted to help bring the community together.

He's now hoping to turn the land into a garden for everyone to enjoy.

Artists impression of the garden Khan is hoping to create in Toxteth

"We're looking to have an allotment, lots of nice flowers, a small water feature which would be brilliant."

Khan's mum, Natasha Odita, says this project is engaging the whole community Credit: ITV

His mum, Natasha Odita, says she couldn't be prouder: