Childhood story sees Coronation Street star Tony Maudsley back Liverpool charity the Walton Centre

A Coronation Street star is backing a charity in Liverpool after a chance encounter with an old school friend following a story about playing Lily the Pink on a church organ.

Tony Maudsley, who plays George Shuttleworth in the popular soap, stumbled across the Walton Centre after telling the childhood story on the radio.

The actor, who we're used to seeing in either Benidorm in his pink hot pants, or in the funeral parlour on Coronation Street, was contacted a few weeks after the interview and alerted to a painting of the tale by Steven Randall.

But, it was only after he got in contact with his friend to buy the painting of him in St Chadds Church in Kirkby, did Tony realise the reason behind the artist's pictures.

Childhood friend Steve painted the picture of Tony playing the organ when he was younger after hearing his story on the radio.

Tony said: "We moved to Kirkby when I was just four years old and it's all I can remember- so its my hometown - where I grew up.

"When I was nine I used to head to weddings held at this church and sit on the front row - I didn't know the couple at all! I used to wait behind afterwards and ask the vicar if I could have a go on the organ.

"Bizarrely the vicar allowed it so I used to play 'Lily the Pink' by Liverpool band the Scaffolds. You'll be glad to learn I don't do this now!

"I was telling this story on a radio show recently and an old school friend called Steven Randall heard my story.

"He then painted the story in a beautiful oil painting. I asked if I could buy the painting and Steve told me about his wife."

Corrie star Tony Maudsley can still play Lily the Pink on the organ

Steve's wife Canan has been diagnosed with a slow growing brain tumour and they both get lots of support from The Walton Centre a specialist neurological centre in Fazakerley.

Steve is raising money for this centre through his artwork and has so far raised £23,000 - with £15,000 going to the Walton Centre.

He said: "I heard the interview, I'd forgotten about him loving playing at weddings clandestinely in the church and I just wanted to represent it because it fits so well with the rest of the Kirkby memories that I've been painting recently."

Steve also has a book out called 'The Kirkby Chronicles' which features his paintings and memories of the town. His paintings can be seen at the Kirkby Gallery until the 27 August.

And as for Tony I asked him if there's any news he can tell us about his part of George in Coronation street.

He couldn't say much, but told me: "I can tell you one thing and that is Phelan will be rearing his ugly head once more."

I honestly think George is the right man for Eileen and you never know we may even see them heading down the aisle here at St Chads in Kirkby in the future - who knows!