Stephen Lawrence: Father and Son team up for heartbreaking ITV true crime drama

It's a new powerful drama from ITV - we talk to Father and Son from Liverpool who've written it.

The evening of April 22nd April 1993 was a turning point in our society.

A black teenage boy named Stephen Lawrence was murdered in an alleged racially motivated attack while he waited for a bus in Eltham. 

Thirteen years after his death the police still hadn't convicted anyone of his murder. 

Stephen's parents Doreen and Neville Lawrence rightly wanted justice for their son. 

ITV's brand new three part drama, which airs this Monday (30th aug) at 9pm follows the real life investigation in 2006 into his murder.

This was thirteen years after Stephen's murder which was led by DCI Clive Driscoll and portrayed brilliantly on the screen by Steve Coogan. 

Stephen Lawrence.

The drama was co written by veteran Liverpool writer Frank Cottrell Boyce and his son Joe Cottrell Boyce.  

This is the first father and son project they've worked on together and when asked whether it was hard working on this story - where someone's son had been murdered - Frank explained: "Thank you for asking me that question- nobody has asked me that question and actually yes it did bring it home to me, working with my son i felt very privileged.

"Where I'm from (Liverpool) its often the case that dads and lads work together- as apprentices usually so it's great i get to work with Joe. Doreen is never going to have that and that kept coming home to me".

When asked where did they start even writing the script for 'Stephen' Joe said "It was all about research - this is such a complex case we couldn't get it wrong.

"I've loved working with Frank though - he's always inspired me as a writer growing up. As a young boy i'd write him stories for his birthday and Frank would be very critical of them and correct them".

When asked does it feel strange hearing his son call him Frank - he says "No he's always done that- like i'm someone who needs looking after".

And on meeting Stephen's parents Joe said: "It was very daunting yes".

Frank explained how Doreen suggested meeting in the House of Lords because that is where she works now. 

Frank says "It's a heart wrenching story that obviously is based on true events and we will certainly be watching how our script has come together on the screen on Monday".

  • ITV three part drama 'Stephen' will begin on Monday at 9pm .