Pep Guardiola denies talk of Manchester City exit after current deal

Credit: PA

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has played down talks of leaving the club when his current contract expires in 2023.

He was quoted after speaking at an online Brazilian business forum that he would step back from City after seven years.

The Spaniard has now clarified what he said, pointing out that he will take a break from the game when he eventually does leave City.

Speaking at a press conference, Guardiola said: "I am not thinking to leave after two years.

"I can leave in two months if the results aren't good or the organisation isn't happy with me. I can leave in three months or five years.

"What I said is after my period at City I will take a break. It can be in one month, two years, five years. Right now I don't have reasons to leave."

City's hopes of signing Harry Kane were quashed when the England captain announced he would be staying with the Tottenham.

There are also rumours that City are negotiating with Juventus for the transfer of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo.