Warning for Lancashire police officer who threatened to 'make something up' to arrest man

A police officer has escaped being sacked after threatening to “make something up” to justify arresting a man in Lancashire.Mobile phone footage emerged of the confrontation between officers and a group of men in Accrington during the lockdown of April 2020.In the clip, complainant Adam Kidger is heard saying: “You're harassing me. What for? I've done nothing wrong.”The male officer, who has not been named, then squares up to him and says: “If you want to...step to me and push your chest out and something like that then fine. I'll lock you up. We'll do that shall we?”After Mr Kidger responds by again protesting his innocence. To which the officer is heard replying: 'I'll make something up. Public order, squaring up to a police officer. Shall I do that?”

The officer then adds: “Who are they going to believe, me or you?”

The confrontation was captured on a mobile phone Credit: MEN Media

The incident happened on April 17, during the first lockdown, in Coach Road. Lancashire Police referred the incident to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) and later apologised to Mr Kidger for what the force described as “completely unacceptable” behaviour.The IOPC confirmed the officer, who was being investigated for gross misconduct, has been given a written warning.Possible outcomes for gross misconduct include dismissal without notice, dismissal with notice, a final written warning, written warning and management advice.A second officer, who was investigated for misconduct after failing to challenge the first officer or report the incident, was found to have no case to answer.The IOPC said in an update published online: "We found that when police arrived, they found themselves blocked by a van and a car.“The complainant was one of four men present at the time who were requested to move the vehicles. Only part of the interaction between the police officer and the complainant was caught on camera.

The officer has not been named Credit: MEN Media

“We found one officer had a case to answer for misconduct. At a misconduct meeting in May he accepted breaching the standards of professional behaviour in respect of: integrity; discreditable conduct; authority, respect and courtesy; use of force; and duties and responsibilities. He was given a written warning.“The other officer whose conduct we investigated was found to have no case to answer.”