Charles Bonnet syndrome : Manchester woman raises awareness of hallucinogenic condition

Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Tim Scott.

A woman from Manchester is helping to raise awareness of a little-known condition that causes vivid and sometimes disturbing hallucinations.

There is no cure for Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) which affects people with sight loss and is often mistaken as a mental health condition.

Nina Chesworth from Chorlton, Manchester developed CBS after losing her sight three years ago.

Then she found an explanation for her condition through Esme's Umbrella which helps both patients and healthcare professionals.

She has recently raised nearly £4,000 for the campaign by walking 100 miles.

Johnny Connor hallucinating in Coronation Street Credit: ITV

The syndrome has recently been a storyline on Coronation Street.

Character Johnny Connor has struggled with Charles Bonnet syndrome's hallucinations and even saw his dead son in prison.

Actor Richard Hawley says he has learned a lot about the condition and is now patron of the group.

Since her diagnosis, Nina has learned to live with the condition. 

Her efforts have raised awareness of Charles Bonnet syndrome but it is still under the radar for many in the medical community.