Greater Manchester's leaders plead with other local authorities to support Afghan refugees

Video report by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Andy Bonner.

Greater Manchester's leaders have been pleading with other local authorities to play their part in supporting refugees.

This week, the first of thousands of Afghan refugees will start to make their new homes in the North West after being rescued when the Taliban seized power.

Charities and councils across the North West say they are ready to play their part in a huge operation to provide housing, food and clothing.

But they are calling for better funding, as many councils say they simply do not have the money to help.

In the last seven years, more than a quarter of a million migrants have been given a new home in the region. It's nearly twice the number for London.

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In Sefton, they are preparing to welcome 25 refugees and their families, who are former Ministry of Defence workers from the country.

The council is working with charities to look after their housing, education, health and wellbeing. In Netherton, volunteers are calling for donations to help.

Marie Savin, from a volunteer at Netherton Park Neighbourhood Centre, said: "We've already had first hand experience with one local family who are absolutely terrified of the Taliban.

"They fled from them from Pakistan, but also a lot of local residents have got someone who actually fought in Afghanistan.

"These are people that have actually supported our country. If we can give something back, we know we can make a difference."

Sefton councillor Paulette Lappin said: "People in this country should be looked after. And there's absolutely no excuse why they're not.

"What you'll find in areas like this is people are incredibly generous and kind and supportive.

"But the reality is that these people [Afghan refugees] have left the most appalling set of circumstances. And if we can't act in a humane manner, then we need to look at our consciences."

Boris Johnson told MPs on Monday that just 311 Afghans eligible for resettlement in the UK remain in Afghanistan, but other estimates have put the figure at around 1,100.

Political correspondent Lise McNally has the latest from Westminister.