Manchester named third best city in the world behind San Fransisco and Amsterdam

Manchester has been named the third best city in the world, coming behind San Fransisco and Amsterdam.

The list, created by media brand Time Out, surveyed 27,000 people, looking at nightlife, restaurants, and cultural highlights.

It also took into consideration the city's sense of community and its environmental initiatives, as well as its commitment to activism and general friendliness.

Following the results of the Time Out Index the global media company said Manchester was a "resilient place", which has thrived through the pandemic with "communities banding together through the toughest of times".

Manchester was voted the top for nightlife, creativity, community spirit, friendliness and getting to know your neighbours.

It added that 71% surveyed described the city as 'creative', with music and culture proving Manchester "really punches when it comes to big, splashy cultural events".

Authors also highlighted free mental health support given to frontline workers, and meals handed to vulnerable locals during the pandemic.

It is the only British city to come within the top ten, with London following up as number 13.

Time Out's top 10 coolest cities

1. San Francisco, California, USA

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Manchester, UK

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. New York, USA

6. Montreal, Canada

7. Prague, Czech Republic

8. Tel Aviv, Israel

9. Porto, Portugal

10. Tokyo, Japan