Teenager attacked as he worked in Salford shop

Shocking CCTV footage shows a 14-year-old boy being attacked while he was working at a shop in Salford.The teenager's mum, who sent the clip to the Manchester Evening News, said her son was working at Costcutter on Chorley Road in Swinton when two males came in and tried to steal some beer.Her son, who turns 15 next week, asked them to pay for it or put it back, she said, but was then attacked by one of the men.The footage captures a shirtless man brutally punching the teenager multiple times.It shows a man leaving and re-entering the shop several times, as he continues to throw punches at the boy.The teen's mum, who wishes to keep herself and her son anonymous, said the incident happened at around 7..30pm on Sunday 5 September 5.

She said the incident was reported to the police straight away. Her son is 'ok', but is 'in shock and really upset', she added."He didn't have to go to hospital but he's got a black eye on the side of his face where he's been hit", the mum added."He was complaining about a headache afterwards as well and we haven't sent him to school the past two days.

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for more information on the incident.Costcutter has also been approached for a comment on the incident.