A simple blood test hailed a potential 'game-changer' in cancer detection

VIDEO report by ITV News Correspondent Mel Barham

The North West is playing a central role in the world's biggest trial of what's been called a revolution in cancer treatment.

The Galleri trial detects up to 50 different types of cancer before symptoms appear. They include lung, bowel, pancreatic and throat cancer and experts believe survival rates could increase up to ten fold if successful

That's giving people new hope, and more than a 140,00 volunteers aged between 50 and 77 are being sought to take part, from eight areas of England including the North West.

The first people to take part will have blood samples taken at mobile testing clinic in Runcorn, along with retail parks and other convenient community locations.

The blood test checks for the earliest signs of cancer in the blood and the NHS-Galleri trial, will see how well the test works in the NHS.

Galleri Trial - which could revolutionise cancer detection and treatment

It is a simple blood test that works by looking for chemical changes in the bloodstream. Cancer cells shed DNA and this leaks into the blood and it's this DNA that the test is looking for, and can be found, even before symptoms appear.

Andy Gale among the first volunteers in the blood test trial

Among the first to volunteer in Runcorn was Alan gale, trial volunteer, he was one of the first through the doors at the mobile testing unit.