Salford grandad and granddaughter win £100k on ITV gameshow The Cube

Grandad and Granddaughter - Rob and Chloe Wilson - sat down with presenter Elaine Wilcox after their iconic win on The Cube.

It was magical moment for those lucky enough to watch as a grandad and granddaughter from Salford won £100,000 on the nail-biting gameshow The Cube over the weekend.

It happened on Saturday night (11 September 2021) on the primetime ITV show, hosted by Philip Schofield.

It featured Rob and Chloe Wilson - two huge Cube fans from Eccles - who racked up the prize money with just two lives remaining.

As the buzzer signaled their incredible win the pair jumped for joy, leaving Philip Schofield overwhelmed with emotion.

“I think that could be the first time it has got me,” he said with tears in his eyes.

After the show, the duo marked the iconic occasion by getting matching Cube tattoos.

Phillip tweeted: “I love this wonderful grandad and granddaughter combo. So adorable and such fans of #TheCube [that] after they left us Chloe and Rob got matching tats!”