Mum says 'Covid saved my life' after lingering sore throat turned out to be thyroid cancer

Jemma Falloon never expected to utter the words "Covid saved my life," but that is exactly what she finds herself saying.

The mum-of-three from Ellesmere Port caught the virus last October but was left with a lingering sore throat after she recovered. She asked her GP for advice and was quickly referred for scans.

Tests revealed cancer in Jemma's thyroid and a further check, after she mentioned passing some blood after what she thought was an infection, detected a tumour on her kidney.

Doctors quickly checked Jemma for signs of cancer.

Surgeons removed her thyroid and half of her kidney. Both cancers were found to have been in the early stages.

Going to see the doctor would not have even occurred to Jemma had she not been recovering from the virus. As a busy parent, she says she would have ignored it as simply "being rundown."

Jemma's scar shows where her thyroid was removed.

Jemma is painfully aware of the harm the virus can cause having lost a work colleague and seen a close friend suffer badly: "I know of some horror stories but I am extremely grateful that I got it. I'm probably one of the only people who can say I am grateful to have had Covid."

She is urging anyone with any long-Covid symptoms, or unusual pains or lumps, to get themselves checked.

Jemma has also arranged a fundraising 'Coffee Morning' for the cancer support charity, Macmillan. You can host your own by signing up here.

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