Bolton Wanders bans all betting at ground to support those suffering from gambling addiction

Bolton Wanderers Football Club say they will no longer offer betting provision to fans at its stadium.

The club also say they will not make any sponsorship deals with gambling firms, while remaining respectful of the EFL's commercial partnerships.

Instead the team says it will be support charities and organisations that provide help for those suffering from betting addiction.

Chairman Sharon Brittan said: "Latest research shows that there are between 340,000 and 1.4 million adult gambling addicts in the UK and over 60,000 young people aged between 11 and 16 are addicted.

“We as an industry must do more and through our work with Bolton Wanderers in the Community, Bolton Wanderers Football Club will support outreach programmes for those who experience gambling problems."

Club CEO Neil Hart added: "In the spirit of transparency the club does operate a club lottery which allows supporters to take part on a match-by-match or monthly basis with all this fundraising income supporting club-related good causes and supporter engagement projects. We will continue to provide this support for our local community and our amazing supporters.

“As a club which is at the heart of our community, we want to support those who are suffering as a consequence of gambling addiction.”

The move comes as Bolton Wanderers in the Community launch the Team Talk project, a mental health project designed to provide a ‘safe space’ to talk for men.

It will be delivered within community settings and aims to provide a support network for anyone who may be in need of additional support.

It is open to men aged 18+ and will enable them to have conversations around mental health and wellbeing including coping mechanisms, peer to peer support, recognising triggers in an informal and relaxed setting and often able to connect through a common interest in football and Bolton Wanderers.

Any interested in the project should contact Carl Halliwell or call Bolton Wanderers in the Community on 01204 673 790.

Bolton Wanderers FC and Bolton Wanderers in the Community have also partnered with Bolton based charity Whysup who raise awareness on addiction and mental health. They deliver prevention, awareness presentations and workshops across education, business and sport.

Alongside prevention and awareness, they also provide support to those in need through their community & support provision. Here, they offer a safe space where people can reach out for help and support.

Whysup Co-Director Mark Murray said “We are delighted to be working in partnership with our hometown club, on what is a very important issue. I know first-hand the impact that gambling related harm can have on a person’s wellbeing.

"I suffered from a gambling addiction for 13 years and have had to work hard to turn my life around. Reaching out and asking for help can be a huge step and a lifesaving one."

If you’re struggling, you can book in a support call with Whysup or seek further advice through their website.

For further support with gambling addiction, please also visit Gambling with Lives.