Manchester University students say they are unhappy with blended learning

  • Report by Granada Reports journalist Tim Scott

After 18 months of isolation and disrupted lessons, thousands of students are returning to universities.

This academic year will be the first time many young people will finally be able to organise nights out, society get togethers and of course, attend classes and lectures.

But the big question is whether they're getting value for money when, in some cases, more than half their lectures are online. 

Last year saw relations between students and the University management deteriorate with accusations that the welfare of students during lockdown wasn't a priority.

At the Owens Park campus students held protests and tore down fencing that had been erected. And there were claims that students mental health had suffered during lockdown because of a lack of care on the part of management.

Many were also unhappy that lectures had to move online. But while there was justification for that because of the pandemic, the University hasn't now returned to full face-to-face teaching for the new academic year.

Some students will only receive half of their lectures face-to-face and the rest will be via Zoom or Youtube. They call the new system blended learning.

And some students told us that means they're not getting value for money.