Surprise as Preston man finds colourful chameleon sitting on his front door

The lizard was found sitting on a front door in Preston. Credit: RSPCA

A colour-changing chameleon has been found sitting on a house door in Preston

The surprise discovery was made by a man living in the Fulwood area after taking the bins out on Tuesday evening. (20 September)

He alerted the RSPCA and animal rescue officer David Hatton was sent to collect the lizard, which normally lives in warm habitats.

The species is ectothermic which means they rely on their environment to maintain their body temperature or they can become very ill and die.

David believes the chameleon was an escaped pet but no-one in the area has come forward to claim it. 

He said: “It certainly isn’t something you expect to see when you are about to open your door - but the man did exactly the right thing in calling us as this beautifully colored reptile would not have survived without warmth.

“The chameleon is now safe in the care of a specialist reptile keeper.”

The RSPCA urges people thinking of keeping a reptile to thoroughly research the needs of the particular species and what is required in the care of the animal.

They also recommend that owners ask for help and advice from experienced keepers and specialist exotics vets.

For details about caring for exotic pets, please visit the RSPCA webpage.