New rules introduced for Greater Manchester taxi drivers including dress code

taxi driver dress codes
Minimum standards of dress and behaviour are being brought in for cabbies across Greater Manchester.

Taxi drivers in Greater Manchester will soon have to comply with strict new rules over behaviour and dress code - and will only be allowed to play music with the permission of passengers.

All 10 councils in the region have agreed to the proposals, which will cover the area's drivers - about 18,600 in total - in both private hire and Hackney cabs.

Evidence from Trafford Council indicates there will be minimum standards of English demanded of drivers, tougher criminal record checks, driver training and a dress code. A code of conduct will also be implemented.

Drivers will only be allowed to play music with passengers' consent.

The Trafford Council report said cabbies ''shall behave and drive in a civil, professional and responsible manner'' for the benefit of passengers and other road users.

Drivers will be expected to be on time, keep their vehicles clean, park considerately, turn off their engines while waiting, only use their horns in an emergency and help passengers with mobility issues.

They will also not be allowed to smoke or vape in their vehicles, drink or eat while driving, use any hand-held device, engage in sexual activity(even if consensual), or use any sound-producing equipment like radios without the consent of passengers.

Cabbies will be expected to take the shortest possible route and discuss alternative routes with passengers.

It is also intended to set uniform prices across all the city region's taxi and private hire firms.