Manchester Arena Inquiry: Police officer Elaine McIver would want 'rightful justice'

An off-duty police officer would want "to see rightful justice prevail" over the Manchester Arena bombing, says her sister.

Elaine McIver, 43, was a Detective Constable with Cheshire Police. She had been at the Arena to collect her partner's daughter and her friend from the Ariana Grande concert.

Her sister Lynda told the public inquiry that the officer had a "strong sense of fairness and justice" and would say "the buck ultimately stops at the top."

Ms McIver was waiting with her partner, Paul Price, in the Arena's City Room. She was four metres from the bomber when the device exploded.

The inquiry heard Mr Price saw her seconds later and "had a feeling she had passed away." When he tried to get to her, he realised moving was impossible as he was seriously injured. A TravelSafe officer and two PCs went to Ms McIver's aid but could not save her.

Pathologists and a panel of "blast wave" experts concluded her chest injuries were unsurvivable.

Ms McIver had just bought a home with her partner and they "were so in love."

Mr Price said the couple had dropped his daughter and her friend at the venue, ahead of the concert, before going for a drink and a "lovely meal."

He told the inquiry they talked about their plans for the future, for travelling abroad as well as for the "dream home" they had just purchased.

> ‘She was gusto and gung-ho': Elaine McIver remembered at Manchester Arena Inquiry

Family and friends described Ms McIver as "an extraordinary person" who was "gusto and gung-ho, embraced life, and a joy to be around." They added that she "would not want to be remembered as a victim."

Sir John Saunders, the inquiry's chair, had "no doubt" the officer represented the "very best in our police force." Her loss, he said, was not just to those who loved her but to society as a whole.

This video report of the day's proceedings is by ITV Granada Reports correspondent Ann O’Connor.