Two kittens saved from abandoned site set for demolition in St Helens

The adorable kittens were found at a site that was set for demolition. Credit: Cats Protection

Two kittens have been saved after they were discovered hidden in a bin storage area on an abandoned estate set for demolition.

As a team of volunteers lay down humane traps to catch another feral cat in the area, they stumbled on the underweight kittens huddled together at the back of the bins in St Helens.

Named Angel and Clown, a vet estimated that they were around six or seven weeks old and both were infested with fleas.

The black and white kitten, Angel, had a bad eye infection which will have to be removed once it is big enough to be under anesthetic.

The pair are being cared for by one of the volunteer fosterers at Cats Protection’s St Helens Adoption Centre. They have launched a fundraiser to pay for vet bills.

The kittens are in the care of St Helens Cat Protection. Credit: Cats Protection

St Helens Adoption Centre Manager Kerry Kendrick said: “It was so fortunate that Angel and Clown were spotted and picked up, it’s awful to think what could have happened to them.

“These tiny two have already shown immense resilience to survive alone in the outdoors and are growing stronger by the day.

"We are hopeful that once Angel undergoes and recovers from his eye operation, they will become loving family pets.

"They are so adorable and really do deserve another chance at a happy and secure life.

“We are extremely grateful to anyone who can contribute their JustGiving appeal, every penny counts and we really couldn’t carry out our vital cat work without our amazing supporters.”