Granada Introducing: 'Baby Face' band Porij

Video Introducing Porij by ITV News Correspondent Elaine Willcox

Porij have just released their first EP 'Baby Face' and that sums up the essence of the band.

They are new on the scene and have a DIY approach, writing and producing their own music, launching their own label 'Oat Gang Records,' to keep creative control.

Egg, James, Tommy and Tom were living in the same student halls, while studying popular music and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Porij chatting for Granada Introducing in the garden of the music venue, Yes in Manchester

Their first gig came sooner than they had planned when a friend's band had to pull out of a gig.

Egg, on vocals and keyboard, is classically trained on the trumpet, but a 'wonky tooth' scuppered that plan and turned to pop.

The ethereal vocals of Egg and Tommy give Porij, their distinctive new sound, which is a mix of pop, indie, electro and dance music.

Their breakfast-inspired name Porij, came while discussing different ideas on a walk in a park, and they decided to 'spell it very badly'.

James said band names are just something to get out of the way. Eggy said the best quote on their name came from DJ Lauren Laverne and they continued the theme with their record label.

The last song of their EP, 'Nobody's Scared' was inspired by the Reclaim these streets movement, and calls out violence against women.

The video, produced by the band, sees them walking carefree around the streets of Manchester, without a care in the world, as the band says they should be.

They also described it as a 'love letter' to Manchester where they'd been studying and the band was formed.

Porij was a band born in Manchester, while studying Popular Music Credit: Porij

Their song '150', is named after Tommy's 150th idea for a beat, he's now at 285. They recorded the video in the garden of their student house in Manchester's Whalley Range.

The upbeat track didn't hit the right note in lockdown with their heckling neighbour who shouted, 'I don't mean to be rude but some of us are trying to work and it's really difficult even with the doors closed'.

But it's one of their favourites with the fans when they perform it live. Their mix of sounds, from their eclectic musical influences, all come together when they perform live.

Their musical process has one rule: their fans have to be able to 'dance to them'.

Porij are currently on tour and see their Manchester nights as 'homecoming giggs' Credit: Porij

They're currently on tour and see their nights in Manchester as 'homecoming gigs'.

They've already played, Lancashire Cricket Club, but their dream night would be packing out the Warehouse Project.

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