The name's Klopp... Jurgen Klopp. Liverpool boss says he would be a 'really bad' James Bond

The Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says he would be a "really bad" 007, despite suggestions to the contrary from outgoing Bond star Daniel Craig.

In an interview, the actor - and Liverpool fan - was asked if Klopp "would make a good James Bond?" Laughing, Craig replied: "I worship him, so yes!"

Daniel Craig says Klopp is so good he is "way beyond James Bond." Credit: PA

The question came from former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher in a chat for Sky Sports. Craig told him the Reds boss is "a leader" and "you just want to follow him."

However, Klopp has sidestepped such high praise and effectively ruled himself out of a transfer from Anfield to Hollywood. He says the "whole world would switch off" if he walked out of the sea in shorts like Craig.