A night on the Cobbles: 'I can’t believe we’re sleeping on Coronation Street!'

Video report by entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore.

Well it was certainly a staycation with a difference as two lucky Corrie fans kipped on the cobbles as part of a one-off treat.

Katherine Wells and Caroline Austen from Brighton spent the night in the 'The Rovers Annex' which was specially built right next to the Rovers Return Inn for the occasion.

“I can’t believe we’re sleeping on Coronation Street,” said Katherine wells, both women are big fans of the famous show.

Entertainment correspondent Caroline Whitmore with the Katherine Wells and Caroline Austen.

Caroline Austen said; “My favourite character is Karla - I first got into watching the soap when the explosion went off at the factory and I’ve been hooked ever since! We binge watch all the episodes on a Friday night.” 

The self-contained pop-up house, sat right in the heart of the street with the guests getting a private set tour, which of course included enjoying a pint in the Rovers Return, a hotpot dinner ‘at home’ and a Roy’s Rolls takeout for breakfast.

Rovers Return Inn and the temporary annex Credit: ITV/AirBnB

With just one night on offer the friends had to act fast to book first. The listing went up with Airbnb back in May and the one-off listing was extremely popular.

So after a stroll on the street what might the pair get up to? Well watching hours of Corrie of course! A TV was set up for them with hours’ worth of the most loved Coronation Street episodes from over the years.

Katherine Wells posted to her Instagram page "Cannot believe we woke up here this morning!"

Creator Of Coronation Street Tony Warren once famously said “there are ghosts on this street” think of the likes of Annie Walker and Ena sharples.

“As long as they don’t wake us up - we’ll be fine!” Caroline joked. 

Watch how the Coronation Street Airbnb was built.

A steal at just £60 (marking 60 years of the soap) for the temporary AirBnB, the fee was even donated to charity.