Trapped roe deer rescued from metal railings in Greater Manchester

Watch the wonderful moment the deer is rescued and runs back to the wild.

A roe deer has been rescued after getting trapped in metal railings in Greater Manchester.

The RSPCA and the fire service were called to the scene on Thursday 30 September after the 'terrified' doe was spotted wedged in a fence on Mottram Road in Hyde.

Animal Rescue Officer Steve Wickham was sent to help animal, which was unharmed when he arrived.

Steve said: “As she tried to go forward she was unable to move as the metal had trapped her between her hips and her waist.

"She was obviously terrified but luckily she was spotted and we were called to help."

Firefighters used a bar spreader to release the deer. Credit: RSPCA

A crew from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue used a bar spreader to release the deer from the fencing.

The RPSCA are called to help a lot of deer trapped in this way, Steve said. "We have to be careful not to cause them stress and so we release them calmly and as quickly as possible. 

“Once the fire service had widened the railings I was able to gently guide her forward and it was great to see her run back into the wild.

"Hopefully she will have learnt her lesson from this and not try to go through railings again!”

The RPSCA ask anyone who finds a wild animal that is trapped to call the animal charity rather than attempting to free it yourself.

Keep a safe distance and call the RSPCA cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.