Manchester Arena Inquiry: 'Profound' thanks for 'hero' who tried to save John Atkinson

Video report by ITV Granada correspondent Amy Welch.

John Atkinson's family said losing him, "is like losing the biggest part of a puzzle."

The 28 year old from Bury, was described as "special in so many ways" with a "very caring nature."

A tribute was read out on behalf of his family at the Manchester Arena Inquiry, which is hearing evidence in relation to his death.

There is an issue of 'survivability' in relation to him, the public inquiry has been told.

John's mother and father, Daryl and Kevan Price, said they were "extremely proud of John and his achievements in life." They were in court together today along with other family members.

John went to the concert with lifelong friend Gemma O'Donnell, who is also the sister of John's partner Michael. The tickets had been a Christmas present.

He was six meters away from the bomber when the device was detonated, and suffered severe leg injuries, abdominal injuries and later died following a cardiac arrest.

John Atkinson

The inquiry was told following the blast, he became separated from Gemma, was on his hands and knees on the City Room floor and was bleeding heavily.

Giving evidence today was Ronald Blake, who gave assistance to Mr Atkinson, including calling 999.

Mr Blake was there with his wife waiting to collect his daughter and was captured by John's side a minute after the blast.

Mr Blake, said he had no first aid training but applied a tourniquet to John's right leg using his wife's belt, on the advice of the telephone operator.

He remained with John, holding the tourniquet for around an hour encouraging him to continue talking before paramedics took over.

"When I left him with the paramedics I thought he was going to survive," Ronald said.

John Cooper QC, for John's family, 'profoundly' thanked Mr Blake for his 'heroics' on that night, "doing what any decent person would do to try and save a life."

Mr Blake only found out Mr Atkinson had died when he went to hospital the next day for treatment to his own injuries.

John Atkinson was caring and generous say his family.

The inquiry was told John was taken out of the City Room on an advertising board before being moved to a makeshift stretcher where he was taken down the stairs to Victoria Station.

John told a police officer: "I am going to die," the officer reassured him that the ambulances were on their way.

Sophie Cartwright QC, counsel to the inquiry said, "The available footage shows that John Atkinson was not triaged, assessed or assisted by any member of North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) personnel for the 47 minutes that he was in the City Room."

Three paramedics from NWAS entered the City Room on the night - two of them just a few minutes before Mr Atkinson was evacuated.

The evidence into the death of John Atkinson will continue tomorrow.