Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder: Gypsy king calls rival 'weak' as row erupts ahead of Vegas fight

The WBC world champion called his opponent 'weak' during the event. Credit: Tyson Fury / Twitter

Tyson Fury's face off with Deontay Wilder was cancelled following a heated press conference ahead of their third fight. 

The WBC world champion, who lives in Morecambe, called his opponent 'weak' and a 'dosser' during the event in Las Vegas.

Wilder's allegations that his opponent cheated was the catalyst for the spat on-stage.

Both fighters attempted to speak over each other but once the angry exchanges calmed down, co-promoter Bob Arum quashed the traditional staredown.

Wilder had earlier said Fury had only won in their second fight because of underhanded tactics and said: "I don't regret it, I will go to my grave believing in what I believe in."

Fury, who was accused without any evidence of tampering, asked why Wilder had brought in new trainer Malik Scott and overhauled his preparation for this trilogy contest.

Fury said: "I ask the question, if I only won because I cheated, what was the point of changing everything and doing all this other work?

"Deep down in his soul, he knows that he lost and he'll lose again. After this fight he'll be back working in that fast food chain that he was working at earlier on in his career. It's retirement for him.

"You're in denial and you're getting knocked out. Do yourself a favour and retire, your legacy's in bits, all the excuses, you've been destroyed.

"No one's even believed you, everyone's laughing at you. You're a weak man."

The two men meet again in Las Vegas this weekend.