The growing Wirral jewellery business born from breast milk

A mother-of-four has hit back at detractors who have criticised her for making jewellery with breast milk.

Ali Hawthorn from Leasowe, Wirral, has attracted national publicity after her business idea went viral.

She says she has received negative comments suggesting mums should not need congratulating for breast feeding.

Made with breast milk... some of Ali's creations Credit: Ali Hawthorn

Ali started the business on Facebook during a "hellish year" of lockdowns after she had just given birth to twins.

She wanted to reclaim her identity after spending all of her time looking after her four young children.

"I thought it would be nice to make something for myself to commemorate a year of breast feeding twins," Ali explained.

"I was so proud that we managed to get that far, especially during lockdown. It was a really hard time for everyone. So I looked into how to do it and decided to give it a go."

A resin bear with gold leaf and a breast milk heart Credit: Ali Hawthorn

After a few attempts, Ali successfully made a bear with gold-leaf flakes and some of her own breast milk set in resin.

When she posted her first creation online, she started getting requests from people wanting their own.

Ali now has regular deliveries of breast milk from people all around the country and has expanded into including hair and even ashes.

Once the children are asleep in bed, the mum-of-four spends her evenings making a variety of small keepsakes and personalised gifts in her conservatory.

Ali spends a lot of time talking to her customers to make sure each handmade keepsake is individual to them.

Ali Hawthorn at work in her conservatory Credit: ITV Granada

With so much personal experience of breast feeding, she believes many mums will want something to remember their own breast feeding journey.

She said, "Time goes so fast and then just becomes such a distant memory. If you've got a little a little treasure to hold on to, to remind you of those days, why not?"

Ali has decided to ignore the naysayers and plans to continue her enterprise in the hope the creations bring happiness and comfort to even more people.